Language and communication patterns in Universities in Pakistan: creating some sort of differentiation and division among people


Language and communication patterns of different universities is what the paper aimed to explore and found answers to. Every country happens to have a distinct language culture which is represented by the majority of its population. Although, it is not possible to claim that University students form the largest chunk of Pakistan’s population. Nonetheless, it would not be incorrect that these are the members of society who have been fully initiated in to the secondary level of language socialisation. They therefore, rightly depict the present-day association with language. The linguistic dilemma as faced by a country whose constitution declares that Urdu is the National language but, has several regional languages. On top of those indigenous tongues is English which, is propagated by the global need for its acceptance and to great extent by Elite of Pakistan. Hence, in this brewing hotpot of culture and linguistic heritage deciphering which language truly prevails becomes, an eminent question. The researchers have tried to provide insights and solution concerning the observation they have made regarding, the linguistic loophole in a multilingual society.